Octrine of Judicial Binding Precedent English Legal System

* Please follow all instructions given on the attached sheets and follow them very preciasly.

* A advise to write this assignment is, as you know you have to refeere to the Kleinwort Bensons case and when you go trough this case, you will find all relevant articles, cases and journals in this case. PLease look for this case in Westlaw and it will be a lot easier for you to find resources.

* If you do not understand or are not clarified on anything please feel free to ask.
* Please read attached sheets of instructions and follow very accurately.
* References should befrom various Journals, Articles, Cases and Books.
* Please appart from other Books use English Legal System book of Slapper & Kelly.
* Footnotes should be according to Oxford style
* Bibliography should be also done in Oxford style.