Ocument Analysis of Julius Caesaras The Gallic War

The Document Analysis Assignment is to read Julius Caesaras The Gallic War and write a review of it. Do not attempt to review all aspects of the book but concentrate on two or three areas or chapters that you find of interest such as a tribe, the invasion of Britain, a particular battle, the crossing of the Rhine, the depiction of women, Roman military tactics, the Gallic character, German behavior, Roman behavior, Caesaras character, the character of the common Roman soldier, etc. The assignment is to be 1000 a 1500 words long (3-4 pages). It will be marked on style, presentation, and use of information.

Julius Caesar, The Gallic War, translated by Carolyn Hammond, published by Oxford University Press, 2008. ISBN 978-0-19-954026-6

when you have made your decision on what you would like to write about, please send me an email to keep me in the loop