Ocument Analysis of The Song Of Lasting Regreta?

this essay is historical document analysis. the attachment is the historical document The Song Of Lasting Regreta?. This essay need to answer all of the question below.
(i) meanings:
What does the author say?
Is what s/he writes internally contradictory in any way?
In what ways does the author say it?
Does that affect what s/he is saying?
What is its genre (biography, novel, diary, memoir, essay, legal judgment, joke)?
How does the genre determine what gets said and what doesnat?
Is the author aware of competing points of view? If you are, what are they? Is there any tension between the author says and what s/he avoids saying?
(ii) effects:
What is the authors point of view (what does the author think s/he is saying)? Why does the author hold that point of view? What effects does the author seek to produce in readers? What effects has this text produced since the time it was written? Has the text had consequences in the real world, and if it has, why? How does the text deepen or change your understanding of the world in which it was made?