Ocument Analysis on American Imperialism

This is a Document Analysis on American Imperialism so its not really an essay but i still need an intro, theses and concluding paragraph. This paper CANNOT exceed “600words thats Six hundred words”. Citing sources for this paper is a bit different than regular essay because you ONLY cite from an excerpt that i have attached. By citing this way, you only put down the Line numberfrom the excerpt. DO NOT use MLA or any style citation just the line number of the excerpt is all thats needed. I want around 11 references. No citing other sources except from the excerpt document ONLY.This paper is SOLELY based on the attached excerpt. I have also attached a sample version of the document analysis so if you want know how this paper should be written and how the format should be than just refer to the SAMPLE document that I have attached. The sample document is how you should write this paper. This is what you need to write about for example: what are there points/what are they sugessting? What does he mean in this article? does it make sense or is it valid?

Please email me if you have any question