Ocument commentary: Dissolution of the Russian Constituent Assembly, 19 January 1918

The document commentary will take form of 1500 words.
Constant referencing is expected throughout.
A bibliography is expected.
Do not refer to From source x in the module handbook”. Instead reference the sources fully i.e Tian-Shanskaia, Olga Semenova, The life of Ivan: Sketches of peasant life from one of the black earth-provinces (St. Petersburg, 1914).

It is not sufficient to merely read the source itself.
Secondary reading is expected.
The use of further primary sources to supplement the piece is recommended.

It is recommended to treat each analysis as a Mini-essay”.
Include a introduction and conclusion, which necessitates an argument and a coherent line of inquiry
Think about big themes that the source discusses i.e. Peasantry, WW1, Civil War etc.
Support your argument with evidence from the source and elsewhere
Engage with the sources in a critical way