Ocument Logistics at Deutsche Post World Net

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Detailed description of re-sit assessment
Case Study analysis: Student will undertake a case study analysis to resolve practical
supply chain problems. Students will also seek to identify potential solutions to
problems identified through application of supply chain management strategies. The
task of the student is to act as a consultant to the company.

The student MUST draw upon research and expertise from the logistics, and supply chain
academic and case history literature to provide external evidential support in
answering the questions about the case. The depth and scope of referenced external
evidence to support answers will be considered important in these answers.

Read the case study and answer all four questions below;
1. Analyse the results of the study on document logistics outsourcing in the
banking insurance and health insurance sectors. Address opportunities and
threats of these sectors as well as the opportunities and threats for DPWN.
Develop recommended courses of action?
2.  I would like to have a one stop solution , an organisation manager of a
leading German bank said concerning the future of document logistics
outsourcing. How could DPWN integrate such a one stop solution globally?
3. State the advantages and possible disadvantages which could arise for APEN
as a  one-stop solution provider for document logistics. Compare them to the
clients advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing to a full-service
4. Describe how and why banks are able to outsource more readily, dispite the
persistent issue of banking confidentiality, while health insurance companies
still struggle with data security?