Ocumentation Assignment-Preschools Family night

DO NOT ADD ANY RESOURCES NEED PLEASE. Please use the term Childrennot kids this is a preschoolers classroom. The children have been have a Trader Joes Grocery Storeactivity in class. Now it is a time for Familys Night we will display all the activity children have had been involve since September to now.

Part 1: the Goal and purpose of Familys night? Why do you think it is important for the family night?

Part 2
1. Describe your documentation? Through the experiences of a?Grocery Storea? activity, I observed that children were great at taking turns with the cash registers. They seemed to enjoys be cashier or shopper. It was great to see the involvement by Dawson, who in the past would have only observed and others children too. The children loved this activity (I loved it too). So, in the Family Night I will set up a Gourmet CafA© such as:

* Foods:
(a) Fruit rainbow salad
(b) Fruit color drink
(c) Pumpking break

* Environment:
(a) Banner a Gourmet CafA© (before enter the room). I will write the word a?Gourment CafA©a? then let the children to decorate with sticker/ink pads on Monday.
(b) Table cloths
(c) Small vase of flowers
(d) Two cash register machines
(e) Money

* a?Trader Joeas Grocery Storea? Activity Pictures
(a) I will make a a?Grocery Storea? images by Cardboard with Trader Joeas shopping bag materials then I place all the children pictures from the Trader Joeas Grocery Store activity. The reason why I do that because to show the parents what their child have had been experience with the Grocery Store.
(b) I will put the story in sequence
(c) Highlights the childrenas interaction and exploration and use their words

2. Describe how you presented your documentation? a?Grocery Storea? Activity
The developmental skills that children will learn through the a?Grocery Storea? activity.

Part 3 a Please USE my note as your RESOURCES.

1. How did you decide on the type of documentation you used?
Trader Joeas Grocery Store with their pictures on it. ( easy for children to see

2. Describe your intended purpose. Was it for the children to re-visit experiences, concepts and ideas? Was it to communicate with parents, teachers and/or the wider community? What did you want the documentation to communicate?

My intended purpose a a?Gourmet CafA©a? conduct a practical after learning a?Grocery Storea? activity. But the most important thing that tailored to meet the expectations of parents who wish to entrust their child to persons who share and support their family values. Especially, for the children to have a sense of they are special and every child is valued for being the unique individual.