Ocus group Meeting on vitamin water glaceau

i need you to do this,imagine i am conducting a focus group meeting on 18th march consisting of 6 people( 3 interviewers one will be conducting and 3 interviewees) please write a script of a whole meeting on it make sure all the interviewees answer all the questions,indicating their name and answers right next to it.
IMP:make the interviewees in order form since i will be changing their names.

Main objectives of the meeting are :
1-how well will vitamin water do at the uk
2-will people prefer to buy vitamin water or vitamin pill

Please choose from the link (below)questions you should choose to ask the 3 interviewees in the focus group meeting, each question should be about a paragraph.
There is no need for resources since the answers should be from the people asked.

**The link: showSurveyLibrary.do?surveyID555738