Ocus on Plastic Banknotes; critically examine TD (Technological Determinism) and ANT (Actor Network Theory) perspective.

Focus on Plastic Banknotes; critically examine TD (Technological Determinism) and ANT (Actor Network Theory) perspective. Explore how different ideas of problems, solutions pathways and controversies developed, how certain objects and relations stabilized.

1. Introduction a introduce case study of a?plastic banknotesa (broad background information); structure and aims of essay (which approaches will be focus on), general images
2. TD (Technological Determinism)a overview and relate to case study (timeline a include positive and negative effects), highlighting problems
3. ANT (Actor Network Theory) a define and apply to case study
a. Describe theory
b. Examine case study a technology, society, practices of organizing in the making a how outcomes are performed through complex and heterogeneous relations
c. How problems created a interests become shared a specific facts/truths created a OPP a allies enrolled and moments of apparent stabilization or change
d. Explore and map specific a?controversiesa/issues related to the technology in practice
e. Scripts and translations a semiotic material played out in practice
f. Unanticipated actions and consequences a different enactments and mediations
g. Explore problems of assuming technology transfer and consider issue of translation
4. Discussion and Conclusion a critically compare and summarize issues, possible ways to expand study
a. Compare and contrast different approaches (TD vs. ANT)
b. Critique of each showing how each attempts to overcome certain problems and issues of agency and complex/relational aspects
c. Highlight issues highlighted by your study of a particular technology
d. Problems/limitations applying approaches and how other approaches would have a different focus (if TD/ANT then brief overview of how SCOT differs to ANT)
e. Summary/Conclusions
5. Bibliography

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