OD Certified Fighter v. Civilian Certified Firefighter

To show potential legal problems in the DOD fire fighter certifications program:

Concerns are fire service government contracts throughout the world require DOD firefighter (FF) certifications to be eligible to attain employment with a government contractors; DynCorp, KBR-Halliburton, ITT, Raytheon. In addition criteria may ask for military prior service. NFPA has published certain certification requirements/criteria but the government ignors them.

One of the major problems is:
At present anyone can go to Texas AM or any college or university who offer DOD firefighter certification program to attain fire fighter certifications in a very short time, example, Person walks off the street goes to DOD fire fighter college program and in four months they can walk with the highest level of fire service certification which would allow this person to become eligible as Fire Chief.

Second is:
Contractors will advertise DOD FF certification and must have military experience. Statistically (average 4 years time on job) X-military FF may have attained certifications but they do not have the actual firefighting experience. Civilian FF on a daily or weekly basis have to respond to emergency such as; car fires, dumpster fires, house fires, industrial fires, and emergency medical calls where the X-military person may have never had to put out everything listed above however, they are given preferential treatment because they were in the military and attained DOD FF certification with no actual experience compared to a civilian fighter with same amount of time on the job.

Third is:
Civilian FF attains promotion by time and rank. They have to have completed X-amount of years at a given rank before they can be promoted to next level, example, to become fire chief you must have minimum 10 years on the job and 8 of those 10 years as a fire officer in a leadership position. Also civilian FF must perform X-amount of hours of training per year with each certification they have, example, building construction requires 4 hours of classroom training per year, fire suppression requires 24 hours training in combination of classroom and actual fire suppression and if the required hours are not met FF could lose the certification, where the DOD FF certification has no minimum annual training requirements. Once you receive DOD certification it is good for life regardless if you use it or not.

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