Oddesses in world religions and cultures

Here is a list of possible topics for your research paper. The paper must be typed or Word-prosessed.All papers must be typed in 12-point font,doubled-spaced, with 1margins on all sides. The legnth requirement does not include the title and reference pages. Please note that although I fully encourage you to use internet sources to help you find materials, I will not allow you to use material that you glean from the web as direct sources for your paper in most instancesmaterial contained in websites in often unscholarly, unreliable, and of a Popularnature. If you insist on using information form the web on your bibliography, you must let me Inspectthe site for prior approval, and you must include it on your list of sources. IF you have questions about citation style, please ask.

1. Write a Biographyof one goddess figure of your choice, drawing on primary sources in English translation. Alternatively, you might look at the ways in which some goddesses have Changedin meaning and/or form over the centuries. For example, do Hindu goddesses at all resemble in their contemporary worship the Great Goddessof the early puranas?

2. How do goddess figures in the contemporary world act as Role modelsfor mortal women? (there are many ways of answering this question) Alternatively, how have religious seekersin contemporary western society co-opted(or decontextualized) certain goddess figures to fit their own religious needs? Again, there are a number of ways in which this problem might be tacked.

3. Book report option. There are many books available on various goddess traditions and movements. If you would like to find a book, please come to see me so that I might help you match a book to your own interests. If you already have one in mind, please e-mail me the title so that I can make sure that youre not reading anything off the wall.

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