Odes of Professional Conduct in Accounting

Paper #2 Codes of Professional Conduct

This paper should also be 5-7 pages long and address the following material.
1. Many professions, including ours(Accounting), have codified standards of conduct. Please find four others and obtain copies of them. Each code should be summarized in no more than two or three paragraphs.
2. Compare the other codes to the AICPA code of professional conduct. How are these documents similar to ours? How are they different?
3. Do you think that our code is sufficient? If so, why; if not, what modifications would you suggest?

Please give me a call before someone start writing this paper. I want the thesis statemtn to be unlined as well. and the sourses that ppaer is asking i need those websites listed on llast page as bibiliography.

Please give me call so i will tell u wat exactly i am looking for. thank You.