Oding Interview Data Using Invivo Software

Mini-Project: Coding Using NVivo
While hand-coding is one way to organize your data, you may also want to take advantage of software programs that facilitate the coding process. For this weeks activity, you will take the interview data that you collected individually, and code it using NVivo, which is one such software program. You will then compare your experiences with hand-coding and software coding, and reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of using a program like NVivo.
This is an individual assignment. Each researcher will code his or her own interview data.
To prepare for this Application:
Using data collected from interview (see attached interview results), code the data using NVivo.

The assignment:
1. Apply principles of coding to using software to code data.

2. Submit your coding structure and some kind of sample documentation (e.g. screen shots) showing supporting codes.

3. Write 3 pages analyzing your coding experience using NVivo.
a. What was it like?
b. What were the challenges you faced?
c. What are some advantages and disadvantages of using software to code data for qualitative research?

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