Ods and Goddesses in ancient times and their influence in society before 1500

ASSIGNMENT: You will choose a topic from the period of world history covered in this class. You will develop a thesis/argument that you will defend using a combination of primary and secondary sources. You will compose a paper consisting of 5-10 pages that uses at least 8 sources (4 primary and 4 secondary).
Devise your own topic based on your readings in the textbook. Remember that the topic must cover an aspect of World History up to 1500 (roughly). Which topic should you pick? Choose a topic that interests you and is creative. For example, do not just choose The Roman Empire. Make it interesting: Slavery in the Roman Empire or Women in the Roman Empire or Sexuality in the Roman Empire.
WRITING STYLE: A well-written history paper always uses past tense and active voice and avoids first person.
o PASSIVE: Rome was sacked by the Visigoths.
o ACTIVE: The Visigoths sacked Rome.