Ods Plan for Worship from Genesis Through Revelation

You will write a 12a 15-page paper tracing Godas plan for worship from Genesis through Revelation. Use class notes, materials suggested or recommended in class, recordings, or any other materials on the internet websites, church or denominational publications, and resource materials. DO NOT SEEK HELP from any other student. Make sure to document all material and make special note of any materials that are not original with you. THIS RESEARCH PAPER IS DUE BY 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of our final module/week. The Research Paper must be in Turabian Writing Format. The finished document should be submitted via the Research Paper link in Blackboard for grading.

Background to Consider

Over this last term, we have traced Godas plan for worship through the Bible. In Chapters 1 and 2 of our text, Called to Worship, we were witnesses of Godas first revelation: His desire for relationship with man, which would be achieved through worship. In the book of Genesis, God revealed Himself to us as the Creator of a perfect universea and perfect humankind, with whom he chose to dwell. We further studied in Genesis the three great worship wars and observed the outcome of those conflicts upon all humanity. Sin. Disgrace. Death. Yet even so, God still seeks to dwell with man. And in Chapters 4a 6 of our text, He made that desire known by revealing Himself to the patriarchs Abraham and Moses.
The books of history, further taught us about manas response to God. Later, we focused on worship as defined by three successive kings. One wanted to worship above the law. One chose to worship as a servant. And one, even if for a few years, was a most sincere worshipper. But from the lives of all three, valuable lessons in worship are there for the mining.
The books of Poetry and Wisdom, taught us about building relationship with God through songa and integrity. The Prophets gave counsel for overcoming idolatry. We talked about the four hundred years of silence, with no official record of Godas voice moving in the hearts of men.
And in Module/Week 5, we witnessed the worship of fishermen, prostitutes, soldiersa and the Son of God. Jesus Christ became the ultimate example of worship. He worshipped in the sanctuary; He worshipped by serving; He worshipped in songa and He worshipped by submittinga to death on a cross.
In Modules/Weeks 6a 7, John, Peter, Silas, and Paul drew our attention to the worship of the early church, and again, we saw God revealeda in the indwelling person of the Holy Spirit.
Finally, we beheld the culmination of the plan begun in Genesisa in the book of Revelation. Lesson 8 unveiled both history past and the future to come. First, from history, then, as the Desire of the Ages, Jesus Christ, the exalted Bridegroom, joins His bride and dwells with His worshippers forever.

Your pastor has decided the entire church should be involved in a series of studies dealing with the Biblical Foundation for Worship. To meet this need, and as worship pastor of your church, you have been asked to develop and write a series of studies, including three lessons, outlining Biblical worship for your church membership. All church staff, Sunday school leadership, and deacons are required to take this study. You will teach this class. Once the church staff, Sunday school teachers, and deacons have completed the class, they will in turn use your materials to teach small groups in the church about worship. Thus, your study presentation must be practical and to the point.

Scope and Subject: This study outlines Godas plan for worship from Genesis through Revelation. The study is divided into three areas: Old Testament Principles for Worship; New Testament Principles for Worship; and Practical Application of Worship to daily living. A brief glossary of Biblical terms related to worship, entitled Words for Study, must be provided as well.

Source material for building your lessons must be taken from class notes, commentaries, text books, book reports, and of course, your Bible. These notes and materials may include, but are not limited to: lessons on worship presented in class (including guest teachers), notes posted on Blackboard, and Dr. Whaleyas book.

The Format should be designed as an outline with narrative. It should include Four sections. Section Four should also serve as a two-page Summary:

Title Page
Table of Contents
Brief Introduction (1 page)
Lesson One: Old Testament Principles for Worship (3a 5 pages)
Lesson Two: New Testament Principles for Worship (4a 5 pages)
Lesson Three: Application of Worship to Daily Living (3a 4 pages)
Lesson Four: Principles Learned about Worship from the Psalms (2a 4 pages). Include overarching theme of Psalms, organization, and subjects identified in the five sections (also called books).
Appendix: a?Words for Studya? is a Glossary (1a 2 pages, 20a 22 terms about worship, defined). Words used in the a?Defining Worshipa? assignment can be used as a starting pont for this section.
Caution: This paper must be practical for YOU to use in the futurea something that you can quickly pick up and present to a group. It needs to be thorough so as to clearly present the Biblical scope of worship but brief enough to deliver the material as a 30a 35 minute lesson.

The project is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.