Ods Women with a Prophetic Voice A Model for Developing Female Leaders in the Prophetic Office of the Church

A descrition of what I would like to see in my order is as follows:

My project proposal includes Chapter 1 and Chapter 3. This will be faxed upon speaking directly with the assigned writer. The proposal is 45 pages long plus the 100 page order as outlined below:

The actual amount of pages required for submission to my school committee is 150.
I am requesting the first 50 pages within 30 days. The second order of 50 pages will be requested on December 6, upon presentation of the 1st draft.

Chapter 2 Literature Survey Based on a case study.
Chapter 3 Biblical/Theological/Historical Foundation.
Chapter 4 Description of the Project (qualitative design
Chapter 5 Results and Conclusions

I will elaborate further with the writer on the specifics. I am also anticipating that the completion of the entire dissertation will be on or before January 6, 2008.

Thank you for assisting me with the assignment.