Oes a focus on the question of gender re-frame our understanding of world politics? And if so, how?

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The question requires;
*Very Critical thinking about the subject matter with style.
* An argument well structured and very clear.
*Apply the theories to the contemporary or historical world politics.
*Give interesting examples
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Feminist theory in IR has moved through a number of key phases and we will look at
the manifest successes of mainstreaming gender theory in world politics today. The
first phase was characterised by posing the simple but explosive question: i??where
are the women?i?? Feminism argues that IR was not only professionally a mani??s world,
but all the theories were deeply masculine, presupposing any number of male
attributes to be universally held. Scholars like Enloe looked to show what sorts of
roles women played in world politics and how different international relations
seemed to them. From the wives of diplomats sacrificing their careers to their
husbandi??s ambitions, to the locating of red light districts (often close to military bases), women held structurally dominated roles in world politics and it became
clear that IR scholars had a limited view of power for as long as they ignored gender
relations. Feminist theorists have sought to counter the claim that gender doesni??t
matter in world politics by showing how gender fundamentally shapes what we think
world politics is and how we ought to resolve conflict. The result has been the
mainstreaming of gender issues in international organisations.

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