Oes a production have to be tightly to a script or can you allow flexibility to encourage a more naturalistic response from actors?


This is an individual piece of work and there should be no collaboration between group members. Collaboration could be considered an academic offence. The essay is worth 20% of the marks on this module and you have to pass this element of the module (pass mark 40%) in order to pass the module as a whole, so please read the following carefully.

The task is to write a reflective essay about your 10-minute fiction film project i?? but reference can of course be made to your 3-minute pilot project. The essay should be understandable to a reader who has not seen the film (e.g. an external examiner). Therefore somewhere near the beginning you need to give a brief synopsis of the film. You should go on to identify what your original intentions were and how you went about achieving your aims i?? and also what the aim of your essay is, what is the argument you are going to present. Your essay should aim to present an argument, and in doing so draw upon your own film as a case study. Think about what your peer group might learning from your experience of making this film, what useful experience/findings you can draw upon to present to other filmmakers who have similar experience, skills and budget as yourselves. Make sure that you keep the essay tightly structured around this argument, each point made should be relevant, the essay should remain focused throughout (in the same way that your films should stick to the theme from beginning to end).

If it is helpful and relevant, you may refer to the films we watched during the module when discussing the form and content of your own project or any other films or film makers who have influenced your approach to your project. You may also refer to any of the books on the Reading List or any other reading you have done if it is appropriate to the points you are making. It is important that you place your own film within a wider context and demonstrate that you have read around the subject i?? whatever specialism you choose to focus upon. Please ensure that you reference any quotations or paraphrases that you use, indicating the source both within the essay itself and in the bibliography at the end of the essay. It must be clear which are your own original thoughts and which come from elsewhere (including Internet sources). It is an academic offence to include the ideas of others without identifying them as such.

You should discuss the way your film evolved from the original concept to the finished piece. Was the idea modified at the shooting stage or during editing? If so, why was it necessary or beneficial to modify the idea? Were there any ethical issues or other special factors you had to deal with? Was your film intended for a specific audience? If so, how did this affect your film making decisions?

Identify which elements of the video you think were successful and which could have been improved. Give reasons to support these ideas. You should also discuss your individual role and contribution and how you interacted with the group. Please do NOT use the essay as a vehicle for complaining about other group members, concentrate on your own contribution at the researching, shooting and editing stages. If you feel the group was let down by non-participation of one or more members, you can refer to this briefly if it is relevant to what you are discussing. If people have not participated it will be obvious by the vagueness of their essays!

This essay is an academic piece of work and this should be reflected in the use of correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you are weak in these areas please write your first draft in good time so that you can take advantage of the study skills support provided by the Drop In Centre. (Please check details with Library or Advice Shop staff). Marks will be deducted for poor grammar, punctuation and spelling. The essay should be approximately 3,000 words in length.

Aim to present an argument that runs through the length of your essay. Think about what you have learnt in the making of this documentary and what would be useful to share with your peers. The argument that you present could focus on a particular aspect of the filmmaking process, e.g. cinematography, directing actors, editing, use of visuals, use of sound/music, etc. The essay should be structured in a clear, logical way, with an introduction, a central section where you develop your ideas and a conclusion. It is NOT supposed to be a diary of the film making, but a considered reflection on how well you achieved your original aims. You should support your statements with detailed examples. Please avoid writing meaningless sentences such as i??the filming went welli??. You need a level of detail such as decisions on choice of shooting style, technical problems such as mixed lighting situations and how you solved them, how you planned your shooting with editing in mind and so on. You can include details of both creative and technical decision making and how these two aspects interacted and affected your film making approach. It is particularly important that you go into some detail on the aspects where you made your major contribution i?? (you might have been the i?? tea boyi?? on the shoot, but played a major role in the editing).

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