Oes Abraham Lincoln deserve the accolade The Great Emancipator?Say why/why not.

i need to write an essay base on the historical evidence from the pdf file i uploaded and stick with my topic above. i need 2 pages of quality essay (I NEED AS MANY ADDUCED RELEVANT EVIDENCE AND AS MANY CONVINCED ARGUMENTS AS YOU CAN IN MY ESSAY).
this essay cannot be point of view, but can be employ historical evidence in order to prove the thesis statement and the supporting arguments.like a breakdown of historians argument regarding the genocide against Indians.
can you guys please cite the sources from the pdf file i gave.
the essay should be relevant to the question, information present in a clear, logical and coherent fashion
i need best quality of explanation and the breadth and suitability of the historical examples given.
you guys may use quotes from Lincoln, but please avoid long selections (no more than 4 lines)
when you guys examine Lincoln or cast your judgement on him, you may not judge him against 21st century standards, you can judge him against the standards of the 19th century