the title is basically a problem question which must be researched, arugued for and against and must be solved in the end (THIS IS ONLY A 5000 WORD ESSAY)

things to be included in the essay

intorduction: background of the area associated with the title. Walk the reader through how you will approach the question

objectives of study: specific objectives of what you plan to find out

methodology of study: planned methodolody to be associated with each objective. Describe each of the mthodology you intend to use to meet each seperate objective
only secondary data may be used. e.g. journals, newspapers, books
describe what you plan to find out and how you plan to conduct resaerch

all the above mentioned must be 1000 words and this is chapter 1 of the essay.
there should be 5 chapters in total for the 5000 word essay
each chapter msut include a sub-heading. The sub-headings must be linked to the main title qusetion

also define any keywords used in the essay

prsent for and agianst arguments
every point made must be supported by evidence
add explainations to each piece of evidence from your sources of information
add value to evidence which you present

apply theory to practice, use real world examples and newspaper articles
try to give exapmles of comapnies intanglibe brands, such as apple which rely on brand intangibles

in the conclusion: no opinions or I think should be used
state what you have found out from your resaerch
in the end answer the title question

below are the marking indicators for this assigment


Introduction and objectives
(10% weighting) Clear statement of historical or current background to the issues with justification for distinct, measurable objectives and associated, realistic methodology.

Presentation of evidence
(30% weighting) Comprehensive and measured presentation of information from a wide range of sources and demonstrably relevant to objectives and outcomes. References properly incorporated into the text and listed after the text in alphabetical order (Harvard).

Comparative analysis
(25% weighting) Critical evaluation of how theory has been applied to practice and why. Identification of the significance of the practical realities which have been investigated and analysed a in respect to the report objectives.

(20% weighting) Robust, logical conclusions and/or expectations of implications for the future. Identification of shortcomings in the methodology leading to explained limitations in the general applicability of outcomes. Objectives achieved, demonstrably.

Overall presentation and structure
(15% weighting) Demonstrates strong logical coherence between chapters. Use of clear articulation and general adherence to a simple paragraph structure.