Oes an absent father lead to homosexuality in their children?

Emphasis of the paper is intended to focus on the role of an absent father and sexual identity of a gay son. Is there a connection in the role of an absent father in combination with influence as a religious conservative (Christianity), nature vs. nurture,and the participation in sports by the son.

the role of religion and literal interpretation of the Christian Bible lead to great pain in the lives of children who identify themselves as gay. They see talking about sex as taboo.

The debate surrounding nature vs. nurture presents conflicts between fathers and sons. Is there a connection between a weak father-son relationship and homosexuality during the critical gender identity phase of development and what support is there that nature and nurture influence each other?

Young gay men and playing of sports raise the issues of masculinity vs. femininity. Is is a stretch to suggest a lack of ability in sports leads to the cause of homosexuality?