Oes an analysis of the social backgrounds of prisoners provide a challenge to the legitimacy of the capitalist stateas power to punish?

Third Year Student
doing Criminology & Criminal Justice degree
this module name is : Controversial Issues in Prisons

* Guidance on Assessment Criteria for Level three:

The following seeks to guide you, as a student, on the meanings given to the assessment criterion used for assessed work and presentations.

Structure and Organisation: Provides a well-considered submission, presented in a lucid and resourceful style, which appropriately uses relevant academic conventions in its delivery and demonstrates careful consideration. Coherent and logically structured and effectively planned to prioritise key issues.

Construction and Clarity of Argument, understanding and analysis: provides insightful and informative analysis of the material, processes, theories or issues under consideration, resulting in clear, illuminating, informed and wellreasoned conclusions. Is able to draw together and synthesise views in order to present a balanced, informed, independent and sceptical perspective.

Relevance of Content: Directly and consistently relevant to the question set, pertinent and well-informed.

References, Bibliography and use of Sources. Demonstrates knowledge of a range of appropriate sources related to the chosen subject and is able to competently use basic data collection techniques in order to obtain appropriate primary and secondary data/sources.

Presentation: Well presented. Confident word-processing skills and advanced use of IT..

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