Oes brand loyalty influence adherence to prescription medicines?

Objective: By examining the evidence from the international literature, to examine the relationship between patient adherence to prescription medicines and brand loyalty and critically appraise whether patient adherence is improved in the presence of brand awareness. Conclusions and policy recommendations are necessary.

Methods: A structucted international literature review on pharmaceutical brand loyalty and patient adherence to medical treatment. The review must also address the following aspects: (a) define brand loyalty and its impact on drug use (b) discuss patient adherence (persistence) to medical treatment and its determinants factors such as the doctor-patient relationship, cost-sharing, the nature of the health condition diagnosis, prescribing switch, etc. (c) examine the evidence on the relationship between the two (adherence + brand loyalty) in individual settings.

I care only about prescription medicines so over the counter drugs should be omitted. Points such as product differentiation and competition aspects should also be present.

As it is my first time that I use your company I do not know what do you mean by number of sources. If you mean number of references then I want around 89 references at least three pages. I believe that the references are free of charge please inform me if there is any charge for this part.