Oes bullying during childhood affect the persons future behavior as an adult?

Conceptual Framework:

There are 3 components to this section: Variables, operationalization and development development of the hypothesis/es
Variable: What are the key variables in your proposed study? Which ones are dependent and which ones independent? What is the relationship between the variables?
Operational Definitions: create or borrow concrete and specific definitions in terms of the operations by which observations are to be categorized and measured. for example, for purposes of your study, you might create the following definition of an Agrade: correctly answering at least 90% of the final exam questions correctly.
Hypothesis: even if you are doing an explanatory or descriptive study you should include a hypothesis to guide your research. The hypothesis statement should be stated in declarative and comparative terms. It should be an extension of the research question.

When doing the assignment please refer to suggested texts: Babbie, E. (2001). The Practice of Social Research. Wadsworth Publishing
Hoover, K. (2002). The Elements of Social Scientific Thinking. St. Martins Press