Oes China present a technological challenge to the U.S.?

For PSCI 105, 271, 330, 476, 488 (AFRI 494), and PA 601 and 605

Endnote citations are required when documenting quoted material in all papers written in this course.
The following are the step you will need to follow to apply endnotes in your paper.
While typing the narrative of your paper, stop at the place where you wish to insert an endnote by

1.clicking on the word Insert, on your toolbar (at the top of your page)
2.then click on the word Reference, on your toolbar.

3.then check the tiny arrow at appears at the bottom right corner of the box that now appears.

4.This arrow allows you to format your endnotes. Click endnotes and continuous

5.Then click Arabic (1, 2, 3. etc) as opposed to Roman numerals (i, ii. iii. Etc.)

6.Then click insert and your computer will automatically insert a number at the place of your
cursor in your narrative and the same number at the end or back of your paper.

7.Your citation information must be supplied next to the second number that appears at the
end of your paper. Please note that this second number at first will appear toward the
beginning of your paper. But as you near the end of your paper, the endnote page will be
gradually and automatically pushed toward the end of your paper.

8.For each subsequent endnote, simply click Insert, Reference, and Insert/Enter and a new
endnote will appear in consecutive order. There will be no need to format or number
your subsequent endnotes. Your computer will automatically do this for you.

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The paper has to be the same formatt that I sent it to the file