Oes Chinese cheap labor really steal jobs from Americans?

In the introduction, I want to talk about trade deficit between China and America during the last 10 years. (Please show the graph). And why this question is worth researching. Since more and more factories are set up in china, people in America have been complaining they are stealing jobs. In this paper, I want to show the evidence if this is the case.
In the body part, show during the last ten years, how many American companies set up factories in china, and show many jobs created in china and how much they pay to Chinese people. Also show the unemployment rate in the US during the last 10 years to see if it was actually increasing continuously. Please find the data and draw the graph using software. I would like an accumulative distribution graph for both graphs. After the compare the two graphs, talk about the outcomes and what they imply. But also point out the problems with the outcomes. For example, if the numbers of factories set up in china have been increasing and the unemployment rate also increasing, it seems like Chinese cheap labor does steal jobs. But the problem is the unemployment people from US are not just in the industry sectors, they are also unemployment people from other sectors.
Please include all the original data sources and preferences cited.