Oes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy work best for Bipolar I or Bipolar II Disorder?

research and statistics made meaningful in counseling and student affairs by rebecca m. lafountain must use the format for quantitative studies its on page 23 in the above mentioned book. must go through all sections stopping at time scheduling. NOTES FROM CLASS hypothesis:there will be significantly better outcomes for BPI compared to BPII using CBT. null hypothesis: there will be no significant difference. The literature review supports/justify the hypothesis. independent variable BPI versus BPII, type of bipolar and treatment condition.dependent variable, treatment outcome. moderator variable, hypomanic stage design: single case design, do subgroups or measure it in the groups, post # to be significantly greater in BPI, no change in BPII group will be okay. describe population. measures to be used can include BECKS DEPRESSION INVENTORY, BRIEF PSYCHIATRIC RATING SCALE.describe population, need to know the properties of your measure, example interval or ratio, nominal measure or skewed.