Oes commercial ownership of the media encourage or inhibit democracy?


Below are key questions that should guide the preparation and writing of your essay. They are criteria also applied by those marking your essay:
Structure and Quality of Argument
Are the aims of the essay stated in the introduction?
Is the overall structure of the argument clear and coherent?
Are the points made in an appropriate sequence, ie logically and sequentially?
Is the argument sufficiently analytical?, ie not just descriptive
Is there a conclusion?
Does the conclusion address the essay question directly?
Is the conclusion adequately supported by the preceding argument?

Use of Evidence
Are the points made supported by evidence from cited sources?
Are the sources drawn on sufficient and appropriate to the question asked?
If empirical evidence is used, is it described clearly and in appropriate detail?
Does the evidence presented support the conclusions reached?
Is the interpretation of the evidence presented appropriately qualified (i.e. avoiding overgeneralisations and sweeping statements)?

Is the writers argument adequately backed up rather than just asserted?
Are the sources used subjected to analysis and critical reflection?
Has the student researched the topic sufficiently? Eg is this evidenced in the resources consulted and cited
Are there any important omissions?, eg key authors and arguments
Has the student thought about what they have read or simply reproduced material from sources?
Is there evidence of critical thinking or an attempt to synthesise complex arguments?
Does the student have an argument?
Has the student gone beyond the essential/basic reading?

Writing and Presentation Skills
Is the essay referenced correctly?
Are quotations identified and fully referenced?
Are the ideas presented fully credited?
Is there any evidence of plagiarism?
Is the essay fluent and readable?
Is the grammar and spelling adequate?
Is there evidence of copy-editing? Ie an absence of silly typographical and spelling errors
Has the writer made an effort to use her/his own words?
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