Oes consuming Vitamin C reduce the risk of having a cold?

You are required to write a project proposal which details the background research information, aims, methods and ethical considerations relating to your research project. You have to complete the necessary evidence search to provide background information on the project and then apply your knowledge of research design and methods to write a proposal documenting how you would do the research to answer that question. You must also identify, communicate and consider how you would address ethical issues associated with your projects and incorporate this into your project proposal.

The project proposal should be up to 6 pages in length, using 12 point font and no less than 2cm margins on your page. The following headings must be used:

* Literature Review: Describe the significance of the project, the objectives of the research and the background to the project including scientific aspects and any other relevant material.

* Research question(s) or Aim(s): Provide a concise and clear statement of the rationale and/or aim(s) of the project.

* Research Plan: Outline the research plan in detail, including as appropriate, a detailed description of the design, techniques to be used, data type to be collected and potential methods of analysis.

* Ethical Considerations: Provide a summary/discussion of the ethical issues raised by your proposed project and how you might address them.

* Reference List: Provide a reference list using the APA5 referencing style.

* Length: Maximum of 6 pages (12 pt font, 2cm margins)

Marking criteria:
1. Literature Review
Health issue/problem accurately described 5%
Students have demonstrated how the previous literature relates to/or impacts upon the current research 5%
Knowledge gaps in the literature have been identified 5%
The significance of the research and/or rationale for the research is delineated 5%

2. Research question(s) / Aim(s)
The research question(s) or aim(s) of the research are clearly stated and appropriate given the literature review 5%

3. Research Plan
Proposed methods enable aim(s) to be answered 10%
Data collection methodology to be used, and rationale for, are appropriate 30%

4. Ethical Considerations
Students have identified, communicated and addressed the major ethical considerations for their research 25%

5. Presentation and referencing
Spelling and grammar are correct and requirements have been followed 5%
Correct and appropriate use of a breadth of references (APA5 style) a minimum of 15 references from at least 3 different sources 5%