Oes elevated atmospheric CO2 increase productivity of the boreal forest?

up to 15 pages (double spaced) on: A) Any topic in the arena of Global Change Ecology as long as it relates to one of the global change drivers emphasized in this course (CO2 enrichment, land-use change, bioinvasions, nitrogen enrichment, or global warming ). You can also select any of the nine planetary boundaries listed in Rockstrom J., Steffan W., Noone K., et al. (2009) A safe operating space for humanity. Nature 461: 472-475. B) Any of the discussion questions addressed during the course. Your essay must be focused and not too broad or general. For ideas, peruse recent issues of Science, Nature or Global Change Biology (available on the e-journals of the library), or the references listed in the papers assigned in the course. The essay must focus on ecological issues, not social or political concerns. Policy issues could be touched upon briefly, for example in the introduction or concluding paragraphs where you extrapolate to the larger issues. As an example, acceptable topics might be: i??Does elevated atmospheric CO2 increase productivity of the boreal forest?i?? or i??Consequences of rapid climate change for the food supply of migrating birdsi?? Note how specific these titles are. Broader titles make for vague, overly generalized essays, or excessively large, intractable projects. An example of an inappropriate expansive title would be i??The effects of global climate change on migrating animalsi??. (Instead, narrow it to one type of effect on one type of migrating animal. so it should be very specific and details in ecological view. and it should be like a review publication an have an abstract as well which consist of brief summary of your objectives, with a title, rationale and statement of objectives. A proposal abstract would typically highlight your focus, the key points to be covered, why it is important, what you might conclude, and what your sources are. It should not be more than 300 words, or half a page, single spaced. if you want to access to the university of toronto library for e journals you can go to the robarts libarary or gerstain libarary websites ang login with the user name: darabish password: nemesis5 and also you can go to ca and login with this username and password that i gave you and go to eeb428 and select course materials on the left chart of the page and select the readings and see the articles that it might be usefull for you if you have any questions please contact me by email or cellphone any time thank you.