Oes ethnicity impact on the way we experience music?

Essays should be clearly written, well-organised and laid out according to university regulations. Essays must demonstrate research from books and not only the internet. A minimum of four book references is expected, and essays should quote from these references. Students are encouraged to research more deeply than this, with the internet used as a supplementary tool. Essays that rely wholly on the internet will not pass.
All sources should be fully referenced, which means that all details must be provided in a bibliography at the end of the essay. All quotes should be introduced (e.g. In his book Love Saves the Day, Tim Lawrence argues, Disco music…) and must be properly laid out, with longer quotes indented. All quotes should also be referenced, which means that the surname of the author and the page number from which the quote is taken are included in parenthesis at the end of the quote.
Essays that include any form of plagiarism will automatically receive a “0”, even if the plagiarism was Unintentional”. Please make sure that you take careful notes during your research to avoid this happening. Be warned: a single unreferenced word-for-word sentence constitutes plagiarism. Full referencing of your sources will boost your grade. We strongly recommend that you refer to the Study Skills Handbook if you need guidance on any of these points. If anything isnt clear, ask your seminar tutor. The best essays are produced through a process of research, planning, writing and rewriting. Make sure you check your work for errors before submitting your work.

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