Oes every child matter The rights of asylum seeking children and the role played by social workers in promoting these rights.

Work Based Research Proposal  Guidelines

The topic of your proposal should be related to an aspect of social work practice. Both the  literature review (2000 words) on your research topic and the research methods sections (2000 words) MUST be supported with the relevant evidence. Both sections should also be afforded equal attention. The following points are guidelines to assist you in producing your research proposal:

Important considerations when preparing a research proposal
 Research must contribute to knowledge  why should anyone be interested in your research?
 Background work must be undertaken
 Researcher must be competent  fitness to practice
 Is the research credible? Feasible?
 Risks must be balanced against likely benefits
 Significance/Implications

Structure  Research proposal
 Title
 The study (one paragraph)
o What is the research about:
o Who are the participants?
o Why is this research important
o What are the likely benefits for social workers and their practice?
 Background/Literature review
o Contextualise your study
o Identify a need / gaps  lack of evidence (draw on previous studies)
o Be critical and up to date with your knowledge  start with the most recent journal articles/ reports  read abstracts/ executive summaries
o It may be useful when undertaking a literature search to enter your key theme in to the relevant social work journals and look at the most recent articles  read the abstract and the conclusion. The conclusion section usually has directions for further research.
 Research Methods:
o Access  How will you gain access to the people you propose to study?
o Ethical Considerations:
 Think about the ethical issues that you may have to deal with.
 Look at the university s ethics form, which is in Moodle and the questions you are expected to answer when seeking permission to actually undertake research.
o Sampling
o Approach  Quantitative, Qualitative, Narrative, Action Research
o Data Collection/ Processing/Analysis (For example a quantitative approach may utilise statistical analysis and a qualitative approach may incorporate thematic analysis).
o Reliability and Validity
 Dissemination and policy relevance: explain how you will communicate your findings (i.e. social work conference, key policy documents/reports)
 Timetable (How long do you envisage the whole research project to take?)