Oes Exercise Help Relieve Depression in Women?

Imagine that you are a Psychologist researching the topic -Does Exercise Help Relieve Depression in Women?
Come up with a hypothesis.Write an experiment as if it was being submitted to a scholarly journal.br /

Introduction-What is your topic. Based on the references what has research into your topic uncovered. Include APA style citations where appropriate. What is your IV (independent variables), DV (dependant variables) and state Hypothesis.
MethodsWho are your subjects, where were they recruited and how will you conduct your study…provide detail. (age group, weight, light exercise to good work out.
Results-What are your anticipated findings. Did the IV have and effect on your DV?
Discussion-summary of what you expect to find, was hypothesis supported? List any confounds that could have altered the results. do you have any ideas for future research?
References-list 3 references in APA style. Peer-reviewed journal articles. (prefer US)