Oes exercise lead to bone fractures in adults with diabetes

Greetings! Please assign this order to a writer who is well versed in research proposal paper. The topic given is to be written in one of the eight design approach. There are eight study designs in total: Review/Meta-Analysis, Correlational Study, Case Series, Cross-Sectional Survey, Case-Control Study, Cohort Study, Experimental Study, and Qualitative Study. My research proposal will be on the research question a?Does exercise lead to bone fractures in adults with diabetes?a? The two designs that I believe would be a good fit for my research proposal are: Review/Meta-Analysis, and Case Series Study. Pick one of the two. If you donata think that these two are not a good fit for this paper, please choose one of the 8 design approach mentioned, that will be a good fit for this research proposal paper and let me know. This is my 3rd order with you. . My second order was #1007401. I am confident that you will deliver again; however, if for any reasons you are unable to fulfil this order, please advise me within 24 hours and credit my account. I have provided the discount code a?bestrp20a? to apply toward my order. Additional instructions to be uploaded.
Research Proposal Submission Checklist
The proposal must be for a study that would examine the impact of a public health or medical intervention, such as exploring the question a?Is ____ {intervention/exposure} an effective method for preventing/treating ____ {outcome/disease} in ____ {population}?a? The project must be for primary research (either an observational or an experimental study design). You must explain your goals, the significance of the proposed project, and the methods you would use to collect your data. You must carefully follow the formatting rules below or I will not receive a grade. The proposal will require a project summary, a background, a statement of the objectives of the study, a methods section (which should discuss recruiting, data collection, and data analysis), a researcher CV, and a budget and timeline. You will also need to complete the application for human subjectas research and attach it to the proposal.
a ? Formatting rules:
a ? Each section (background, objective, methods, timeline, budget, and c.v.) should start on a new page. The name of the section should be underlined and bolded and placed in the center of the top line on the first page of the section.
a ? No section except the methods exceeds 2 pages in length. The objectives, timeline, and budget may be as short as 1 page, but the next section should begin on a new page. The remaining sections should fill 2 full pages.
a ? A page number should appear at the center of the bottom of each page.
a ? The entire document should be double-spaced with a blank line between paragraphs.
a ?You must use a Table for the timeline and budget rather than sentences. (These can have more generous spacing so they are readable.)
a ? Follow APA guidelines throughout the document.
a ? The proposal is written in good English and has been spellchecked
a ? The entire proposal is written in the authoras own words; plagiarism will result in a grade of a?0a? for the paper
a ? A cover page that includes only (1) a project title, (2) the name of the author/principal investigator (PI), and (3) a one paragraph summary of the proposed research project.
a ? A background (2 pages) that includes:
a ? An opening statement about the main study question, including a very brief description of the proposed study population (including its location), exposure /intervention, and disease that will be evaluated
a ? A short literature review (with in-text citations to at least 5 references) that explains how the proposed project is related to previous studies and what will make it new and important. The sources should be from peer reviewed article websites.
a ? A statement of the objectives of the research project: one main statement of purpose plus three to four specific aims. The list can be in bullet-point format and can be phrased in the form of the questions that will be answered or as a?toa? statements (such as a?The specific aims are to identify / to compare / to evaluate _____.a?).
a ? A description of the methods (minimum of 4 pages) that provides details about the proposed source population, sampling strategy, and recruiting strategy; ethical considerations (such as informed consent, benefits, and risk mitigation); data collection methods such as the use of a questionnaire, interviews, biological specimen collection, observation, and/or other techniques); and data analysis methods.
a ? A detailed and realistic timeline for completion of the work should cover the entire scope of the plan from preparation stages through the publication and/or presentation of results.
a ? A budget should itemize all expenses expected for the project (such as travel expenses, equipment, salaries for support staff, etc.). For this project, the requested budget should not exceed $10,000.
a ? A short (1 page) C.V. (curriculum vita) or resume for the primary researcher that lists relevant information about education, work and/or research experiences, and skills.
a ? A completed draft of human subjectas research application form should be attached to the end of the proposal materials. See next page.
Thank you!


i § Area of the research/supportive data:
i § Research question:
i § Theoretical and empirical goals of this research:
i § The purpose of this research project:
i § Relevant literature pertaining to the proposed research study:

i § Recruitment:
i § Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria:

i § Informed Consent will be obtained through:
i § Study Activities:

i § Data Collection and Analysis:
i § Site:
i § Types of risks:
i § Frequency/likelihood of risks:
i § Term of study:
i § Monetary/gift compensation:

i § Direct benefits participants could potentially receive:

i § Risks compare to benefits:

i § Statement on how you data will remain confidential:
i § Procedures/process which will reduce or minimize risks:


APPENDIX I a Informed Consent: