Oes football have a postive or negative impact on the city of Manchester?

1)points must be included in the introduction:(the effect of the football on Manchester economy,the postive impact on socitey and the negtive impact on society).
2)paragraph one about the impact on the local business:(the supporters of the club,the benefit from the football trade..etc
3)paragraph two about the postive impact on society:(relationships and commuication between pepole,health..etc
4)paragraph three about the negtive impact on society:(environment,young people, communication…etc
5)The conclusion which is summarises of the main points.

A)Two of the sources must be from academic journal,please choose all the sources from online to be easy for me to find it.
B)please try to write it as an international student by using quite simple idaeas and vocabulary with good phrases.
c) please take that into consideration,which Iam an undergraduate student and this essay will
be my first essay,so I would not like to seem that someone wrote it for me.

finally,Im looking to get lower seconed class (53-59%)by this essay.