Oes free trade advance or retard development in poor countries?

I dont want very big english but want it in a very good essay. Make sure you clarify the sense in which you r using the term globaliztion.
I will hire 1 more case study essay of evaluate the impact of trade, debt & investment policies on a selected deeloping country so i want u to minimise the overlap between 2 essays. I will let u know more about the 2nd essay when i know the deadline date. In this essay i want you to mention about the left wing and right wing. If im not mistaken, there r left and right wing or something like Marx and Capitalism or liberalism maybe.
My own recommended books:
1.Global Political Economy by OBrien, Robert & William [2007]
2.A Concise Economic History of the World by Cameron, Rondo&Neal, Larry[2003]
3.A World of Whose making? Making the International by Bromley, Simon et al(eds) [2004]
4.The World Economy 2nd edition by Maddisson, Angus [2007]
5.Globalizing International Political Economy by Phillips, Nicola(ed.) [2005]
Use at least 4 academic books.
This 2,000 words essay isnt include the bibliography.
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Any questions e-mail me! Also wanna know if i can chosse other urgency period which isnt in your list.
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