Oes Functional Movement Screening reduce the risk of Injury?

functional movement screening as devised by Grey Cook has become the screening tool of choice in many sports.


The aim of this review and study is to look into current evidence regarding functional movement screening and examine if this is an effective tool in reducing injury in athletes


A comprehensive search of the literature will be conducted , consisting of an electronic search of the Scopus, Medline, CINAHL, Science Direct and Sports Discus databases from the earliest available record to May 2012.Key words used in the literature search will be a?functional movement screeninga? in combination with a?injurya? and a?reductiona? .
Methodological quality of studies will be assessed using a combination of the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) tool (2006) for case reports and PRISMA guidelines for systematic review. CASP tool for case control studies uses an 11 point check list and has been specifically developed to assist with critical appraisal of case reports and case series. Following application of the CASP tool, studies will be categorised as either poor, moderate or good.