Oes Globalization help or hurt the state of Alabama? Argumentative essay

I. Format
A. Each paper should be four to six typed pages, double spaced with one inch margins
and a size 12 Times New Roman character font (check your settings). The paper should
not exceed six pages, and four full pages is a minimum. With a standard format, you
should get about 22-24 lines per page. The paper must be typed.
B. The title page should include your name and should be typed separately. References,
footnotes, plus any charts, tables and figures you wish to include should be typed on
separate pages and should appear at the end of the document. (Thus, instead of footnotes,
use endnotes.) None of the above pages counts towards the four required pages.
C. When you draw directly upon a source, it should be cited. Use parenthetical references
in the text with references listed in the back. You should give exact page references
whenever possible. Three examples are given below, where the page reference appears
after the colon.
Fallows (1993: 23-34) argues that trade with Japan causes acne.
According to Krugman (1994: 105), Fallows has the causality all wrong, and in
fact, acne causes trade with Japan to increase. If we did not trade with Japan, we
would have acne and bad breath.
Supply creates its own demand (Say, 1984: 615-623)
II. Grading
A. The paper will be graded on both content and style, so be careful about grammar and
the like (as distasteful a task as it is, this means proofread carefully).
B. Your lose 10 points per day for late papers. A late paper is one handed in after 4:45 on
the day it is due. You should back up all files, so no excuses!!
C. The English Writing Center (322 Lloyd Hall), a free tutorial service available to all
University students, provides one-on-one help with writing.
III. Citing a source from the internet.
Suppose you cite the International Trade Commissionas site for the third time in your
paper. In the main body, write (ITC 3). At the end of the paper in the reference list, write
(for example): ITC 3, pub3595.pdf, pp. 3-5.
This gives me the exact address of the document as well as the pages within the
document where you found the information. Exact page numbers are not always
available, but provide them when they are. You should make it as easy as possible for the
reader of the paper to track down your source material. Also, you need to be able to
produce your source material in case I ask to see it.
IV. Content
A. Your topic is a?Does globalization help or hurt the state of Alabama?a? This is an
argumentative essay, so take a position, yes or no and defend it using economic reasoning
and whatever evidence you are able to muster. You should defend the position you take,
but that does not mean your arguments have to be one sided. It can be effective
rhetorically to address arguments which support the other side, but then explain why
these considerations are outweighed by the arguments which support your position. Your
arguments will be more convincing if you can back them with facts. This will require
some digging for information on your part. Consider globalization in a broad sense. Thus,
consider the effects of trade (exports and imports), foreign direct investment (inward and
outward), and immigration on the state of Alabama.