Oes hand washing among Nurses reduce hospital acquired infections

. Purpose

a. To enable the student to use medical and nursing databases to find research articles that will provide evidence to validate nursing interventions regarding a specific area of nursing practice.

2. Guidelines

a. Select a topic from the list provided or have a topic approved by your professor.

b. Complete a literature review by selecting five research articles from library databases on your topic.

c. Identify the theoretical basis for addressing the research question/problem.

d. Develop a methodology for addressing the research question/problem.

e. Develop a plan and identify interventions to address the research question/problem in your nursing practice.

3. Format:

a. Use APA format.

b. Limit of 10 pages to include:

i. Title page

ii. Problem/Question Statement

iii. Literature Review

iv. Theoretical Foundation

v. Methodology for Research

vi. Plan and Implementation of Research

vii. Conclusion

viii. Reference page

ix. Applicable Appendices (optional)