Oes high school affect social mobility?

7 sources must defend these themes about how high school affects social mobility:
1) High school played role in selection of career goals but not in career choice.
2) Mostly everybody believes they are middle class
3) Guidance counselor helped students apply to colleges but did not tell them which specific ones to apply to.
4) Chances a student can reach a more advantaged position than currently occupy is hard to do.

Do not begin sentences with and, because, also or it.
Do not end sentences with dangling participles.
Do not use phrase a lot use many, some, more, several etc
Do not use contractions spell out both words.
A paragraph oe page or more too long. A paragraph one or two sentences too short.
Do not begin or end a paragraph with a direct or indirect quote
Do not use word you use person.
Use compound/complex sentences.
Use MLA style citation within body of research paper and in bibliography.
Use 7 articles or books as research resources, must use direct and indirect quotes from these sources