Oes Hormone Replacement Therapy Effect a womans Libido?

Project: Each student must complete one learning project that demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of a topic, in-depth knowledge on an aspect of the topic and an application of your knowledge. For example: You want to learn more about the  Coming out process for gays and lesbians. Your project could be:
Comprehensive knowledge: a short paper 3-5 pages in APA format with current references from psychology journals.
In-depth knowledge: you could interview a gay or lesbian about his/her  coming out experience. Write a summary of the interview and compare to the literature for your comprehensive assessment.
Application: You could attend a PFLAG meeting and then write a summary of your reactions to the meeting.
Submit all components with a page that summarizes all of your learning.

Urgent! This paper needs to be written in three different papers. Like stated above, one needs to be 1. comprehensive knowledge paper (no less than 3 pages) 2.In-depth knowledge section. (no less than 3 pages) 3.Application section (At least 2 pages) 5. (One page summary of your learning)
*At least one section will need to use current psychology or sex journal articles. Please include the Referance Page in proper APA format.