Oes induce Therapeutic Hypothermia Impact Neurologic Function and Improve Patients Outcome post cardiac arrest

This research is a capstone paper.
This capstone paper has 7 parts. The paper should be written in APA format 6th edition. References should not be older than 5 years. There should be at lease 21 references
1) Introduction, this should include history and stat
2) Literature Review: Topics to be discuss in this section are as follow
A) Criteria (Inclusion Criteria and Exclusion Criteria)
B) Phases of therapeutic hypothermia (Induction phase, Maintenance phase and Re warming phase)
C) Diagnostic
D) Duration
E) Potential adverse effects
F) Pain and sedation management
G) Determining prognosis
3) Problem Analysis
4) Discussion
5) Implications for practice
6) Recommendations for Future Study
7) References