Oes international law matter in the relations between states?

Hello, It must be a research paper for the POLITICAL SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS class. No sociology, no psychology, or anything else. Please the paper must be ANALYTICAL content rather than descriptive. There must be a position/made an argument on a problem/debate in the literature. The opinion must be consistent throughout the course of the paper. There must be appropriate examples to support the position/argument. There ust be strong introduction, and very clear thesis statement. The best if there will be appropriately and consistantly applied the specialized vocabulary, concepts, and theoretical models specific to INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (IR)and the research topic. Each section/paragraph must be build upon the previous one in a logical fashion. The paper must cite 4 SCHOLARY books (not including any school textbooks), and 4 SCHOLARLY journal articles. It cannot be shorter than 8 pages (not less than 2000 words).

Please, this research paper is very important, and I really hope that I will be happy of your service because I would like to use it again in a very short future. Thank you very much, and if something is unclear in my requirements, please contact me as soon as possible.