Oes IT lead to job elimination, or job enhancement?

1) Concisely and clearly identifies a significant ethical problem and states why it is a problem;
2) Clear description of cultural influences of this issue;
3) Minimum of 10 pages in length total (7 for researched issue including citations immediately after the researched topic and 3 for personal issue);
4) complete citation of 5 pertinent references on your researched topic from scholarly sources no older than 2010;
5) Fewer than 3 grammar and/or spelling errors.

My requirement:
1. 7 paged researched issue include a reference, 3 for personal issue.
2. For personal issue. Some information about me you may need: i am an international student who study IT. i am senior year now. Maybe i will find a job about IT after graduate.
3. I am not a native speaker, so dont use much advanced words.

There is an additional information that our professor gave us:
Not to pass the buck, but to a certain extent this is a matter of perception, cause, and effect. Advances in technology have provided a wide variety of opportunities to streamline, change, or elminate business processes and operations. Factories that in another era employed thousands of workers can now turn out greater amounts of product with only a handful of technicians monitoring computer-controlled robotic arms.

On the other side of the coin, whole professions that didnt exist just a few short decades ago have provided significant new employment opportunities. Forty years ago, the average daily volume on the New York Stock Exchange was several million shares, while today its routinely in the billions. Office workers no longer laboriously process transactions by hand; high speed computing enables productivity many times that at a quality level at least as high if not higher. The only constant is change, and while technology does in fact generate profound workplace change that is capable of displacing large numbers of workers, it also creates ample alternative opportunity. The ethical challenge is to manage that change such that quality of life improves for all.

Thank you very much! 🙂