Oes it make a difference if there is or isn t a God?

The Power Point is a philisophical look as to wether on not it makes a difference if there is or isnt a God.

Below is is some Information that I thought might help.

While this can be a controversial subject I believe that deep in everybodys heart they want to believe there is a God.

Yes, it is important to know whether God exists. Believing in God may affect how you choose to lead your life. Imagine how your life would be different if you believed in God as opposed to if you did not.

There are two terms that it may be useful to explain. An atheist is someone who believes that God does not exist. An agnostic is someone who does not know whether God exists or not (or believes that nothing can be known about whether God exists or not).

There are many important philosophical questions concerned with the existence of God. For example: the meaning of death. Many people fear death. But if death is the end of ones life, then death cannot be experienced. And why should one fear something that cannot be experienced? For believers in God, however, the meaning of death may be quite different. Many who believe in God believe in life after death, or immortality. Thus, knowing whether God exists or not may be important for how you approach your death.

Some philosophers argue that belief in God can only be based on faith. And many people in fact do base their belief in God on faith. For some philosophers, however, faith is not solid enough evidence and they look to reason to prove or disprove the existence of God.

In the history of philosophy, there are several attempts to prove the existence of God through reason. An example is the first cause argument. Everything that happens around us has a cause. These causes have preceding causes, and the causes of these causes have still earlier causes. This backward chain of causes goes on and on. To stop the backward progression, there must be a first cause. This first cause can only be God and therefore God exists. (Many philosophers feel that this argument does not work.)