Oes leadership style effect how organisational change is implemented?

Main Question:

Does leadership style effect how organisational change is implemented?

Sub questions:

How do different leadership styles de-motivate or motivate staff?

Is there one best leadership style?

How do employees respond to different styles?

The assessment criteria are categorised as either primary or secondary. These criteria form the main basis on which the final mark will be determined. Tutors will profile performance on a number of dimensions within each grouping. This will then help them to derive a mark that could in turn be influenced by the secondary criteria. However, the final mark will be based on an assessment of the whole piece of work.

Assessment criteria indicate the dimensions against which markers will assess your work. It is important to realise that your work will be assessed as a whole, not as a simple summation of these categories. In this section, we break down the major categories into sub-sections that indicate the continuum along which your work will be placed. The  requirements section of this book then gives some detailed comments on each section. However, you might find it useful to consider the following outline of the qualities we expect of work in the different degree classifications. These are based round an expectation that good work is the average, that is, a lower second. Each category assumes that the requirements of the previous grade have been met.

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Approx 60 references needed

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