Oes Liberalism have a future in International Relations theory?

I would like a British University academic standard essay of 2500 words double spaced font 12. I would like at least 15 sources from academic journals and books only. None from news articles. Please make sure you use all 15 DIFFERENT sources that are old and new as I always get less than I request.

Please answer the question completely by providing examples and strong counter arguments. Give a brief into to Liberalism in the introduction, but not more. This is not a historical essay. This essay is arguing the future of a theory, but the data and arguments in the essay all need to be relevant and creative. You should take a unique position on the essay. The answer is YES liberalism does have a relatively strong future in IR (explain why it has a strong future). Use realism as a counter argument and give examples of how it has created problems in the world such as start wars and economic issues. Use some of the information on the lecture slides that i have attached for background knowledge only not as sources and mention them in the essay but the majority must be from other authors. PLEASE CONTRAST LIBERALISM WITH OTHER THEORIES AND SHOW WHY IT HAS A FUTURE. Then link it to the world today. The question does not ask if Liberalism is THE BEST theory, but if it has a future. If the question is not properly answered I will not get an A. Use arguments and counter arguments. Integrated and non integrated citations with hedging strategies must be used.

Please chose a position and argue it and answer the question. I have received a C and a Bin my last two assignments I ordered from here because they did not completely answer the question. It should have a solid thesis followed by a clear outline of what the essay will be about. EVERY paragraph must link back to the thesis and question and have be composed of: position, source, comment on source, link back to position. Each paragraph must also have at least 4 sources in the beginning middle and end.

This is a FIrst class essay and I expect it to be so. I really need an A on this one.

I need this essay by Thursday early morning please tell me if you can make the time. the word count should be exactly 2500 w/o the bibliography. Please put the page numbers in the references and I expect no plagiarism in this essay.
Thank you.

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Use the attached document for guidance only. Please write this essay as best as you can.

Thank you.