Oes London Heathrow Airport need a third runway?

Dissertation instructions:

Title: Does London Heathrow Airport need a third runway?

INTRODUCTION Not too long, Facts only! Brief Historical background,
Current situation highlighting Polluton, Passenger Congestion, Airline lateness, Why we are studying this topic?

Introduction to answer main questions:
1 What will be the environmental impacts of the third
runway Noise, air, water, land use/habitat, etc

2 What will be the benefits of the runway to UK and
the economy Direct Employment, National GDP, UK
trading powers, Exports, etc
Indirect UK businesses, freght, inward investment,
tourism, etc

3 To what extent will passenger congestion be improved
at terminals via new runway and possibly terminal 6? –
In South East England? In Uk?

4 What are the alternative Solutions to solve
congestion problem in the South East and UK?
More efficient use of infrastructure already in
Expanding and maximising South east regional airports eg Northolt, Southampton, Cliffe, Ashton International? If not, why not?
Expanding and maximising other UK airports eg Leeds/Bradford, Manchester, East Midlands, Birmingham, Rugby, Liverpool? If not, why not?
More efficient use of substitute forms of transport
i.e rail and roads?
Taxation on Aviation and other Government policies?
Capping aviation in the UK altogether?

LITERATURE REVIEW Work already done on subject,
Gaps in existing studies

Main focus of literature review:

1 Department for Transport White Paper 2003
2 Oxford Economic Forecasting 1999 Future Growth
3 Green Peace stance Against Expansion –
Environmental Impacts
4 Berkeley Hanove Consulting (Dec 2000) Other costs
of having a 3rd runway
5 Sewill, Brendon (2003)
6 British Airways Presentation by Willie Walsh –
Pros of expanding Heathrow
7 Statistics, Charts, etc
8 Government Policy towards aviation Expansion
9 Theories of airport planning
10 The Air Operators Association (2003)
11 Passenger Action Groups
12 Any other relevant work

METHODOLGY Techniques of data collection and why a particular technique will be used

FINDINGS Main results, Charts, Stats

ANALYSIS Explanation and interprtation of findings

CONCLUSIONS Based on Findings, Analysis and evaluations of findings

RECOMMENDATIONS Based on conclusions