Oes Low self esteem lead to cigarette smoking in adolescents in the uk A preliminary lietrature review

provide a critical assessment of the literature in a particular field, stating where the weaknesses and gaps are, contrasting the views of particular authors, or raising questions. Such a review will not just be a summary but will also evaluate and show relationships between different material, so that key themes emerge. Even a descriptive review however should not just list and paraphrase, but should add comment and bring out themes and trends.

Resources from pubmed,journal of adolescent health,google scholar

Here you need to provide a review of the existing literature on the subject of your study. If you are doing a study that analyses secondary data (e.g. a Systematic Review or a Literature Review) you still need to write a preliminary review of the literature you have read to inform the detailed search and main Review.

This chapter should analyse and summarise the accepted position in the topic area, and justify your in-depth research. The conclusion of this chapter should be a natural step to your detailed study. In effect, you are saying

 So we know that& , therefore this dissertation will now& 
USE OF LIETRATURE: Good search, review and critical appraisal of relevant literature, which demonstrates relevant depth and breadth and is effectively related to the research question. Theoretical and empirical literature is well integrated and demonstrates a clear understanding of the research issue/problem. Key literature is well utilised and appraised.
Harvard referencing,A4(210 mm x 297 mm) with double spacing and with a 30 mm margin on the left .All sources cited in the lietrature review need to be here (even if they are in an Appendix). There must be a perfect match and all references must be consistently and correctly cited using the Harvard System.