Oes Mary have a choice in the matter of her pregnancy? Do you agree?

Based on the following posting attached develop a more focus response.

Two-thirds of the paper should show a critical reading of the text. The final third gives a concrete contemporary example which connects the main idea of the first part of the paper. Supplementary course readings are to be included. The papers are meant to allow the student to take further and develop the work of a previous posting.

Notes from actual prof.
*Be mindful of the relationship between the author s negotiation of the human and the Divine. How is that tension held or not held? Does the human element receive emphasis, for example? Does the Divine element receive more attention? These kinds of questions lead toward a critical reading of the text. Key to this is discerning the interests and position of the author writing the story. Always be thinking about what the author is up to and wanting through the writing. Reflect also upon the meaning of birth and journey in the life of the hero, and in your own life. Marian Woodman, in The Pregnant Virgin, explores this theme, and it can also be seen in  The Life of the Buddha. *

The sources needed are as followed:

1) M. Woodman, The Pregnant Virgin (selection);  Legend of the Buddha Shakyamuni (this can be found at coursepass.aspx?cid5347&pagedocs
and the password is pettis0000

2)Bibe: Mt. 1.18-2.11& Luke. 1.26-58).